Yoga & mindfulness for stress relief

Stress is a big issue in today’s workplaces and our society in general. Not addressing stress in the workplace, causes severe problems like unproductivity and medical issues like a burn out. In order to keep your company and your employees healthy, you need to have a strategy on how to manage stress. Research has shown that yoga and mindfulness help to fight against the release of stress hormones and have a positive effect on the brain and people’s immune system.



Our offer

In our corporate yoga classes, we focus on movement, breathing and mindfulness. A Boost My Day corporate yoga class is designed to release physical and mental tension, to create balance and new energy. Next to an immediate release of feelings of stress, we help raising people’s awareness of signs of stress and give people tools on how to handle stress in life in general. Investing in your people’s physical and mental health will make them feel more involved with the organization and happier at work.



Boost my day

One yoga/mindfulness workshop

Boost the day of your team with a custom-made workshop. A fun and all level introduction to yoga and the advantages.

EUR 200.- ex VAT (per class)



Boost my flow

6 yoga classes (or more)


Dive deeper into the world of yoga and mindfulness, grow your yoga practice and experience the benefits.

EUR 175.- ex VAT (per class)



Boost my year

12 yoga classes (or more)


Make yoga and mindfulness part of your company’s stress management and experience the long-lasting benefits.

EUR 150.- ex VAT (per class)


Boost My Day’s yoga classes are for everyone. From first timers to the more experienced. You don’t need to be flexible. For every yoga pose there are modifications. Our qualified yoga teachers are there to help you experience the benefits of yoga at your own pace.


Boost My Day comes to your office or business event. We create a pop-up yoga studio in one of your meeting rooms (or in another suitable space). We bring the yoga mats and other props needed for the class. Our general corporate yoga classes are 45 to 60 minutes. A custom-made workshop usually takes longer. Our corporate yoga classes are perfect to plan in the morning before work, during lunch or after work.


Tax advantage

Offering yoga in the office for your employees falls under the “Werkkostenregeling”. This (tax) ruling grants employers a tax-free budget of 1.2% of the annual total taxable wage. Benefits remain tax free within that budget.


The 1.2% limit does not apply on health services offered by an employer which are a part of the “Arboplan”. These health services remain tax-free without limitation.