In this new world where many people are working from home, it is more important than ever to create the time and space for your team to physically and mentally recharge.


To support this, Boost My Day offers different online workshops. Next to the physical and mental benefits, it’s a fun team activity in these challenging times. We host our workshops live (for example on Zoom or Google Hangouts) or give you and your team access to our exclusive custom-made videos online. A great way to start the workweek, team meeting or as a break during the day. No experience with yoga or mindfulness needed.


Desk Yoga Boost (15 min)
A live online energy boost for you and your team. The goal of the chair yoga sessionis to create physical and mental space in a fun and easy going way. After the session the participants can continue their day with new focus and energy. Great for a healthy break during the workday.

1-6 sessions: EUR 110.- ex VAT (per session)
6 sessions and up: EUR 90.- ex VAT (per session)


Online Yoga Workshop (30 – 45 min)
Fun and gentle all level yoga workshops for you and your team. The goal of the yoga workshops is to give people a moment to release physical tension and to create more peace of mind during the day.

EUR 150.- ex VAT



Introduction to Mindfulness (60 min)
A fun and practical introduction to mindfulness, training the brain and the benefits of mindfulness at work and in life. Mindfulness is the ability we have, to be present and aware of where we are and what we are doing. Through mindfulness you will start to see how your mind works without getting carried away by it so easily. You will learn to understand your own thinking patterns and break through negative thinking patterns. Training your brain to be more present leads to better focus, resilience and less stress. The online workshop takes place live on Zoom.


In addition to the online workshop your team will receive audio files with mindfulness meditations for home use.


EUR 495.- ex VAT


MINDFULNESS team boost (15 – 20 min)
Practical mindfulness exercises and tips for more peace of mind in this hectic world. The goal is to mentally recharge and refocus on what’s important. The workshops take place live on (for example) Zoom or you can receive custom made videos so people can practice at their own pace. A great way to start the workweek, team meeting or as a break during the day.


1-6 sessions: EUR 110.- ex VAT (per session)  
Vanaf 6 sessions: EUR 90.- ex VAT (per session)