We are here to make you and your team healthier and happier. Our all level yoga classes are for everyone. You
don’t need to be flexible. With our yoga we offer you during your busy day a moment to recharge and refresh.
After a class of Boost My Day yoga you and your team will feel energized, more focused and involved at work. Join
our corporate health and happiness movement and let us boost your day.


Boost My Day’s founder Cecile knows from her own experience in the corporate world, how hard it can be to

release tension during or after a day of work. Painful and tight shoulders, trouble with sleeping and a full and worried

mind are signs you have to slow down more often. Not releasing the tension you have built up during the day
can result in serious mental and physical problems. Yoga has always helped Cecile to regain her balance when
needed, to find new energy and to mentally let go of what is no longer needed. With Boost My Day she wants to
share these benefits of yoga in an accessible way and help people find more happiness at work and in life.







I've followed a few yoga classes now with Boost My Day. I felt there was a lot of personal attention to my poses. The class is challenging to explore boundaries, but doesn't stretch you too far. I especially appreciate the relaxing vibe that is created through music. I always leave the room fully energized. 

ING Bank

I really enjoy Cecile’s corporate yoga classes. She combines new moves / exercises with the ones that I recognize from the previous class. In this way the classes are accessible for people with different levels. At ING we have planned the yoga classes in the morning before we start working. It helps us starting the day relaxed and with positive energy. After Cecile's yoga classes, I do feel more space in my body and mind.


I don't have a lot of experience with yoga and I am always stuck in my head. As a beginner I could follow along nicely with the Boost My Day yoga class and got out of my head and into the flow within no-time. Afterwards I went back to work with renewed energy and concentration. Will follow one again soon!